Here’s a list of engineering resources around the net I’ve found useful. Updated frequently. Feel free to suggest any additions in the comments.

Building Codes Public Safety Codes: Collection of various building codes available for download. Particularly useful is every version of the IBC – 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012. Building Codes: Another online code collection, largely overlaps with Online code repository maintained by the ICC. Doesn’t allow downloading, and navigating is an extreme pain.

Wind and Earthquake Maps
USGS Seismic Hazard Maps: Maps of ground acceleration used by ASCE.
Wind Speed Map: Utility for finding wind speed, maintained by ATC.

Old Construction Several links to information on old rebar and old construction.
Sliderule Era: Out of print engineering publications made freely available.

Bridges User-friendly interface for National Bridge Inventory data. Another online parsing of NBI data. Database of notable bridges, past and present.

Forest Products Laboratory Publications: Technical reports on a variety of wood design subjects
AWC Library: Free publications from the American Wood Council

Engineering Magazines
Structure Magazine: Articles on various structural engineering topics, available free (including all back issues). I particularly like their Antiquated Structural Systems series.
Structural Engineer: Another structural engineering magazine.
Modern Steel Construction: Articles focusing on steel construction. Current and back issues all freely available.

Misc. Resources
Whole Building Design Guide: If you build something on a military base, these are the codes that get used.
Army Corps of Engineers Manuals: Design manuals on a variety of engineering topics.
The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive (NISEE): Many publications about earthquake engineering. Membership costs a one-time fee of $25.
S.K. Ghosh: Articles on structural engineering and building codes, written by one of the premier engineers of our time.
Reed Construction Data: Economic and cost data for the construction industry, as well as a breakdown of the building code adoption by state.
ASCE Library: If you feel like paying an arm and a leg, there’s a large library of structural engineering articles available.
PCI Technical Resources: Back issues of the PCI Journal, load tables from every edition of the PCI handbook, and a variety of other precast design resources, all freely available.
ACI Free Downloads: Freely available publications of some of the more minor ACI Committees. There’s also a large library of articles from the various ACI publications, many available for free to ACI members.
AISC ePubs and freePubs: Technical publications from AISC, including journal articles and historical standards. Some require AISC to access.
NFPA Research: Fire statistics and reports from the NFPA.
Google Books: If it’s a hundred years old or so, it’s probably available for free on Google books. Lots of great engineering publications here.
Historic American Engineering Record: Prints and photographs documenting achievements in architecture, engineering, and landscape design from the Library of Congress.
FEMA Library: Library of freely available FEMA publications, including NEHRP publications.

Forums and Mailing Lists
ICC Code Forum: Discussion of the various I-Codes
Eng-Tips: Forums for various engineering issues.
SEAINT Mail Archive: Structural Engineer’s Association mailing list archive, going back to 1995. Forum for Eurocode design.

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